Confronting the Candidates

The Ultimatum_2Every election cycle it’s the same.

The baby-kissing, the lofty speeches, the backslapping, the glad-handing, the photo ops, sound bites, the teary-eyed anecdotes.

Bumper stickers . . . yard signs . . . billboards.

Multi-million dollar TV ads.

Good paying jobs!

Lower taxes!

A strong economy!

Rah-rah-rah!  Sis-coom-bah!

We hear all sorts of wonderful, high-sounding campaign speeches, take in the wonderful promises and hopeful rhetoric. And despite the soothing reassurances — even explicit promises and clear commitments — on every single important front, things continue to badly deteriorate.

Just look around you.

Look at what a mess this country is in!

Every time an election rolls around, we think this time it’ll be different. We trust our politicos, take them at their word, vote them into nice-paying, incredibly cushy jobs. What happens? The candidates¬†we chose to represent our interests and do the job we elected them to do, take the required oath of office to honor the Constitution and serve their country — that would be you and I — then violate our trust from the day they arrive in Washington DC.

When something actually makes its way through all the bloviating, lip-service, back-door deals, showdowns, grandstanding, filibusters, lockouts, shut downs, and cage fighting that goes on in Congress, it never helps out the vast majority of Americans — the very same Americans who voted these turncoats into office. No, it’s another tax break for the rich, another trade agreement to ship more jobs to China, more tax loopholes and looser regulations to help out Wall Street and the already incomprehensibly super-wealthy.

This has to stop.

This will  stop!

You and I are going to make it stop!

The candidate contracts spell out in precise, no-uncertain terms exactly what we as citizens of this country want done.

There is no room for interpretation.

No room for negotiation.

No room for doubt.

So . . .

Either a candidate signs them or . . . that candidate can forget about getting our votes.

It’s that simple.

Yes, it’s an ultimatum!

It’s language the candidates understand.

Because if we don’t vote for them, they are out of their jobs!

Then they’ll have to go back to the stand-up comedy circuit, selling magazine subscriptions, driving an ice cream truck, or whatever they do when they’re not playing political yes-men to the rich and powerful.

So it’s up to them.

We’re fed up with being ignored.

We’re fed up with broken campaign promises.

It’s time to stand strong and take back our democracy, one elected official at a time.

Here’s the message we’ll be delivering to every single candidate running for federal office . . .

“If you don’t sign the contracts, you don’t get our votes.”

And that’s final!

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