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City Lights – San Francisco

The folks over at the world-renowned and highly-acclaimed City Lights Book Store in San Francisco tuned into our recommended reading list, making particular note of our endorsement of two of Professor Henry Giroux’s excellent works, Against the Terror of Neoliberalism: Politics Beyond the Age of Greed and The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America‚Äôs Disimagination Machine.

These works, like everything we’ve listed, are extraordinary works. The analysis, writing, and exposition are all first order, but we believe it is Dr. Giroux’s unique and exceptional perspective — something which certainly shines through in all of his writing — which commends them so highly.

Thanks to City Lights for noticing. We continue to do what we can to broaden the public’s understanding of the complex challenges we face in these troubling times.

City Lights Bookstore_NEAR Recommended

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